Access Control

Access Control

An access management system provides much more than simple control and protection. It provides an overview of your entire facility's operation. Information such as who entered / exited specific areas at a given time can be a valuable management tool. Access control can give complete detailed reports on almost anything being supervised by the system (during work hours, after hours, and even on holidays). Access can be granted (or denied) to authorized users in specific areas … at certain times … on certain days … All as you decide and program.

ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTIONS for a wide range of markets. Corporate facilities and campuses to small business properties, see how we've helped companies like yours.

Whilst any lock and key provides a form of access control no organization can give keys to occasional visitors - it is just not practicable. At the same time they do not wish to leave the door open enabling anybody to enter the premises upon a whim. These days we really need to know who the visitors are and who they wish to see before opening the door.  There are many diverse choices.

Most people are now familiar with simple audio entry systems that enable you to converse with a visitor. If you wish to do so you can open the door without leaving your desk and an automatic closer would ensure that the door locks up securely after use. You could also add on a video system that allows you to see the person you are talking to.

If staff turnover is a problem, or you require the extra convenience, the locking arrangement on the door could be a bit special. The lock could be operated by a digital keypad with an easily changed user code, a card swipe system or proximity token and the latest in technology, use the persons finger with a biometric reader. All of these options, and others, enable you to quickly allow or deny access. An ex member of staff could be denied access within seconds of his leaving the premises! This is true access control. These devices can be incorporated into the audio or video entry systems already described.

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